Make the switch to paper straws upon request only! Learn more about our FREE starter kit which includes:

  • A starter supply of paper straws

  • Posters to announce your switch

  • A staff training sheet and coaching sessions

  • Download English or Spanish printable flyers to place on tables or menus


To receive your free starter kit, email us at or call 301.502.1366. 


Don’t have time to research the cost of paper straws? No worries! We’ve done the research for you! Check out our Straw and Stirrer Pricing Guide.


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Check out the list of restaurants in Takoma Park that have already made the switch to paper and tell them thanks the next time you visit, or rave about them on social media!


If you don’t see your favorite restaurants on our list, tell them about The Last Plastic Straw Takoma Park and ask them to make the switch. We are here to help.

Whenever you order a drink, be proactive and say, "Hold the straw, please" and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  

If you are drinking on the go, bring your own reusable container so you can hold the cup, the lid, AND the straw!

If you prefer to drink with a straw, always carry your own reusable straw. Here are some great options for reusable straws.