The Last Plastic Straw Takoma Park seeks to build awareness among restaurants and patrons about the environmental impact of plastic straws and to have plastic straws and plastic stirrers phased out at all food outlets and stores in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Plastics have been with us since 1950. In a short 70 years, 9 billion metric tons have been produced (and production continues to increase), of which more than 6 billion metric tons remain with us as solid waste. Plastics accumulate on our lands, on our shorelines, in the oceans, in our fish and wildlife, and in us. They can fragment into smaller and smaller pieces, but they will remain plastics essentially forever.


We are encouraging the Takoma Park City Council to consider passing an ordinance to phase out almost all plastic straw use in City establishments. We are also offering information, promotional materials, and a starter supply of paper straws to all Takoma Park establishments that use straws, to help them transition voluntarily, and in the event of passage of the ordinance.


Takoma Park, Maryland

Takoma Park is a city in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a suburb of Washington, D.C., and part of the Washington metropolitan area. Founded in 1883 and incorporated in 1890, Takoma Park, informally called "Azalea City", is a Tree City USA and a nuclear-free zone


Takoma Park banned the use of single-use, point of sale, plastic bags and polystyrene packaging and food-service ware within the boundaries of the City of Takoma Park. Since 2013, residents of Takoma Park can vote in municipal elections when they turn 16. It was the first city in the United States to extend voting rights to 16- and 17-year-olds in city elections. 

Photo by Eric Bond