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What’s Wrong with Plastic Straws?

It may seem like a small thing – but small things add up.

Global momentum has built to phase out single-use plastics. Plastic straws are one of the top items found in shoreline clean-ups and in our local waterways. Plastic takes centuries to decompose, and breaks down into smaller pieces that marine animals mistake for food. Phasing out plastic straws is one step toward a sustainable future.

Read the City of Takoma Park's ordinance which will go in to effect July 1, 2019 prohibiting the commercial use of plastic beverage straws and stirrers.

The Last Plastic Straw Takoma Park is here to help restaurants and citizens go plastic free!  


The Last Plastic Straw Takoma Park is a citizen-led movement initiated by Piney Branch Elementary School students and city residents who are deeply concerned about the impact of plastic on our planet. 

Join your Takoma Park neighbors who have taken the pledge to phase out plastic straws by 2019.

If your restaurant has already made the switch to paper straws upon request, THANK YOU! We’d love to acknowledge you here. Please let us know so that we may acknowledge you on this site.

Image: Aardvark Straws

We have what you need!

We want to help your transition by providing a starter kit of supplies which includes paper straws and downloadable information to place on tables or menus. We also offer coaching sessions for your staff.


©2018 The Last Plastic Straw Takoma Park is funded in part by the City of Takoma Park's Anti Litter Initiative

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